Our focus is to create beautiful apps that contribute positively to life. Our approach is to build apps that are not only great to work with and beautiful to look at but also built on robust and cutting edge technology.

As AppCapital we like to create software that is innovative and remains competitive within its respective market. We seek out opportunities that allow us to build upon original ideas or simply disrupt conventional thinking.


Trevor Pocock
Trevor PocockThe Business Brain
There is always a debit and a credit that needs to be balanced, and Trevor’s experience in the software development industry as well as sales, marketing and administration, allows the rest of the team unrestrained time to dream and create. A closet bagpiper, avid golfer and cyclist, this father of twins has an “intense creative” streak. With his degree in Computer Science, an MBA as well as more than fifteen years’ experience in business management, business development in bespoke software development, he has helped organisations realise large projects from point-of-sale through to enterprise applications.
Mark Biagio
Mark BiagioThe Technical Guru
Qualified as both a sound engineer and a software engineer, Mark is a sailor and musician at heart who dares to “sail close to the wind” and push the limits of technology, while still ensuring that user and client’s expectations come first. He has lead a distinguished career in software development and solutions architecture for more than twenty years, crafting software for small entrepreneurial business as well as orchestrating mega-solutions for major South African corporations. His vast experience in mobile and cloud development across an array of technologies ensures that the AppCapital band deliver in harmony.


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